What We Believe

doctrinal statement

We believe the Bible, containing the sixty-six books from Genesis to Revelation, to be the complete Word of God. We believe that there is only one God who is the true and living God, one God in three Persons- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus, the Son became God in the flesh through the Virgin Birth, living a perfect, sinless life and dying on the Cross to pay for all the sin of mankind, and that He rose from the dead the third day and is seated at God’s right hand in Heaven. We believe that each person who accepts Christ as Savior by grace through faith is indwelt by the Spirit and is secure for all eternity. We believe that eternal salvation is only through the complete sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary and that no human effort can obtain salvation. We believe that the hope of the Church is the Second Coming of Christ and our gathering unto Him. We believe in the establishment of local churches, and in the Lord’s Supper and baptism as in order for this age. We believe that every Christian has at least one spiritual gift and is to use that gift to build up the Body.